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CSesh has 1 years experience and specializes in Math.

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  1. CSesh

    Baylor Fastbacc 2021

    @Taylor, I believe it is rolling because I won't apply till later in Sept too since I am waiting to finish 2 more prereqs. The application is open till Jan 15 anyway. During the info session, they said they take in about 70 ish students and I got the impression they don't cap. If your application & scores are good & you do well in the interview, then it seemed like it would be a shoo-in.
  2. CSesh

    Baylor Fastbacc 2021

    @Delta. I completed the HESI 2 weeks ago. Vocab (96) & Grammar (100) was quite easy in my opinion. If you have a decent command of English, then you should do great! Reading Comprehension was the trickiest.
  3. CSesh

    Baylor Fastbacc 2021

    I am mostly set on Baylor's ABSN too though the $ is a factor. This is a late career change for me & I have a kid in college right now plus another in high school. I have been looking into Texas Tech's ABSN though I can only enroll to start in Jan 2022 since they require TEAS & some other stuff which would take time. I wish we didn't have any bible course to do for Baylor. Where are you all getting that credit from? I will probably get it at Wayland. I looked at TWU, UTA & TCU but TWU is extremely competitive, UTA prefers you do prereqs there & TCU has other prereqs & my communication with their advisor was a hit or a miss. To date, Baylor's advisor has been top notch & very communicative. I really like that so I may stick with them. I just need to figure out the tuition.
  4. CSesh

    Baylor Fastbacc 2021

    Starting a new thread for all those applying to start in Summer 2021. Let's support each other! Just created a FB group too - Baylor Fastbacc 2021. Please join if you are planning to apply.
  5. CSesh

    TWU Spring 2021 Applicants

    Where are you all seeing this on the ATI website? After creating an account, the site asked for student id/institution. So I can't proceed beyond that.
  6. CSesh

    Texas Tech-Accelerated BSN Spring 2020

    Really interested for 2022. Any idea how competitive this program is? I am looking at the ABSN.

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