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  1. Hey everyone! So the last few weeks of our senior year we have a preceptorship and work with one nurse for several weeks. I received assignment of my nurse and I am extremely nervous. He expressed that his expectations are very high and he will be qu...
  2. Career Advancement for Perioperative Nurse?

    Thank you so much for your reply! I wanted to ask- many programs I am aware of (FNP, PNP, ACNP) do not count OR experience. What programs are you aware of that allow OR experience to count towards experience?
  3. Career Advancement for Perioperative Nurse?

  4. Hi all! I am currently a nursing student, graduating soon. I am considering going into perioperative nursing. In the future, I do have plans to go back to school and get my MSN/DNP. I would love to be a surgical NP or something along those lines. As ...