Senior Preceptorship- how to prepare


Hey everyone! So the last few weeks of our senior year we have a preceptorship and work with one nurse for several weeks. I received assignment of my nurse and I am extremely nervous. He expressed that his expectations are very high and he will be quizzing and questioning me non stop. I’m super anxious about this and was wondering if anyone had any advice/tips for their preceptorship and how to best succeed. 

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Know what it is you want to learn about, not just tasks/procedures to check off a list, but whys and what-happens-ifs. Ask every nurse you talk to about anything at all why they do what they do and why they don’t do what they don’t do. Learn about what nurses are, not just about what they do. 

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What type of unit are you going to be working on? Med-surg? Tele? Definitely review the common medications of the unit and focused assessments that you might complete for the type of patients you'll see. This way, you can better connect the dots of what you see with what you know and start to better develop your critical thinking and clinical judgement skills.