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    PVT does NOT always work REPEAT NOT always

    Congratulations 🎉
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    NCSBN Sale

    I think it expired
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    2nd time test taker passed at 130

    Thank you for sharing your tips! Congratulations! This is an amazing accomplishment and your hard work is going to pay off. I hope the residency interview went well! 😊
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    NCLEX experience

    I sat for the NCLEX RN this morning. I graduated 5 weeks ago and thought I would have been studying daily but due to COVID19, I turned into a home school teacher to my children. Needless to say, I wasn't spending as much time studying as I had anticipated. I got a 57% on Kaplan diagnostic A and a 61% on the Kaplan Readiness exam. It took what seemed like forever to receive my ATT and when I got it, the exam dates were very spaced in between so I had to decide whether I wanted to take the exam in 5 days or 4 weeks. I chose the 5 days and was continuing to do questions with remediations up until last night. My Q Bank scores were all over the place. I felt confident enough to take it though. When I arrived at the test center I was so nervous! My hands were shaking, my stomach was in knots, and I was just really anxious. I usually get test anxiety really bad so I tried to calm myself down and focus. The first question was very simple. The second and third were very similar and I didn't know the answers so I started to freak out. I tried to use the decision tree concept but found that it didn't help. At some point during the exam I felt like the questions were fairly easy. I can remember checking my questions and I was at 47 and I thought to myself, if this doesn't shut off at 60 then I'm not doing as good as I think I am. Lo and behold it shut off at 60. Or so I think, because I didn't look back at the question numbers after 54. I walked out feeling pretty confident but that quickly turned into OMG what if I didn't do as good as I thought. All the sudden all I keep thinking about is the really hard questions that I got. Anyone get to 60 or 75 and fail? Wondering how common it is. I wish I had more opportunity to make up for it.
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    NCLEX experience

    Man I can completely understand what you’re feeling right now! I think as long as you gave it your all, there’s no losing. At the end of this, if we can walk away after sitting once for the NCLEX then we’re golden. If we have to sit a second time, well at least we got the hardest part out the way (nursing school). good luck tomorrow. I actually think that an interview will be great distractor! Go in there confident, don’t even express any doubts! Sending positive vibes your way. Let me know when you get your results! I’ll be checking mine in the morning, Praying for good news
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    NCLEX experience

    Yes that’s what I’ve heard. I used Kaplan to study and felt as though Kaplan questions were way harder. Yesterday was beyond rough for me as far as anxiety wise. Today I’ve just been trying to take it easy. Still trying to remain hopeful although I got the “bad pop up” after trying the PVT. I tried twice and got the same so I gave up. Just trying to be patient. I’ll continue to pray for good news for myself and now I’ll add you to my prayers! Good luck! Getting to the end seems like more of an opportunity to show that you know your stuff so I wouldn’t worry.