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  1. Nervous

    I think that’s my biggest issue where I’m at. I’ve been talked to awful and if I say anything back, no matter how polite I am, I end up in the bosses office. Whereas when another nurse stands up for herself, it’s met with an attitude of “good for you...
  2. Nervous

    That’s what I keep telling myself! I want to learn and staying in the same facility forever is not the way to do that. I feel like I’ve seen everything the LTC facility has to offer. It has changed so much there that I think once I leave I’m just com...
  3. Nervous

    I guess what I meant by “comfortable” is that I know what I’m doing there and I feel like I’ve got the system down pat. I definitely feel like I’m treated different because I was a CNA there and even before that I held another job there. Thank you fo...
  4. Nervous

    I have worked at the same LTC facility for 6 years. I was a CNA, then an LPN, and now currently an RN. After I finished my RN program, I was about to start working at a hospital. However, I got cold feet and stayed at the LTC facility. I feel like I’...
  5. NCLEX Study Tips contest

    I cannot thank you enough for this. I’m studying now and I have the first part of the book down pat. It’s the rest that’s killing me
  6. Using PN books

    So, I had posted yesterday that I am terrible with nutrition questions and Hurst doesn’t have any information on nutrition. I still have my NCLEX-PN books and thought about reading through them for basic information on things that I don’t feel like H...
  7. Food

    My school provided Hurst. I like it, but my only complaint is that there’s absolutely nothing about what types of foods/diets certain patient groups should eat. I am HORRIBLE at those kinds of questions and I’m stressing out ? does anyone have any re...
  8. How far out is NCLEX-RN scheduling? May 2020 COVID

    Woah 8-10 weeks? What month did you graduate? I’m sorry you’re having to wait that long ? I know the stress. Before this virus hit I had accepted a job to start in June. I feel like I need more time to study, but with everything being so crazy I was ...
  9. How far out is NCLEX-RN scheduling? May 2020 COVID

    I’m in NC. I got my ATT 4 days after graduation and was able to set a date June 1st. Try not to stress too much about it. I was worried to death because one of my teachers mentioned it may be August before we could test. But on another thread, someon...
  10. Failed NCLEX PN twice

    I know NCLEX is expensive as is, but I highly recommend ATI. I know some people aren’t crazy about ATI. I wasn’t crazy about it in school. It made me want to smash my head against the wall. BUT, I never would have passed my NCLEX-PN without it. It wa...
  11. As an LPN, I can't help but feel like I'm not a "real nurse"

    I was an LPN for four years when I started to feel this way. I have just completed my LPN-RN bridge program, and let me just say, this feeling doesn’t really go away. You become an RN and still feel like this because it’s now a popular thought that B...
  12. Should I start nursing school this May?

    This is a little bit late, but I’d definitely go ahead and start in May. I’m not sure about your program, but for both my LPN and ADN programs we had clinicals up until a month before graduation. I know you wouldn’t get as many in person clinicals, b...
  13. Yeah I remember that from my NCLEX-PN. I was the only one there for NCLEX. My teacher had made a comment that we may have to wait until August to test and I hadn’t heard of anyone having to wait THAT long yet. They did say we’d have temporary RN lice...
  14. NCLEX concerns

    Thank you so much for your response! I graduate my LPN-ADN program in a week and I’ve been so worried about NCLEX dates. I’m willing to travel out of state. These are such crazy times
  15. Congratulations! I graduate in about a week from my LPN-ADN bridge program. Did it take a long time for you to be able to test due to COVID and less testing sites?