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  1. joe090909

    Semester break from nursing school

    Honestly, this is a personal situation for you. You need to do whats best for you mentally. Your mental health comes first above an expected graduation date or if you will receive any judgement from others. Nursing school is tough, and if you need a break, that is okay. It doesn't matter if it takes you 3 years or 8 years. Just make sure that you have had time to fully relax, destress, and evaluate what went wrong or what you could've done better to prevented from getting in a situation where you are burnt out. I was previously in a PA program, and I did not practice self-care and I burnt myself out. Bad mistake ignoring my mental health, so just make sure that you take care of yourself. You're going to be a nurse eventually
  2. joe090909

    Former PA Student: ABSN or Direct Entry Master's

    I would go for the ABSN. Direct entry MSN will usually require a post certificate to be able to become a Nurse Practitioner. If you don’t mind me asking, what happened that made PA not work out?
  3. joe090909

    Should I start nursing school this May?

    I actually changed my mind and decided to wait a year to begin. Considering that there may be second waves of shutdown once things reopen up, it seems like a good amount of time of my program may be affected. Personally, I am going to use this year to start preparing and gaining more clinical experience prior to nursing school. Maybe will even take an EMT class?
  4. So, I'm currently anticipating starting in a nursing program (15 month ABSN) in May of this year. However due to COVID-19, I am not sure if I should start or just defer my enrollment by a year. The program has currently made all classes online until further notice. I'm worried that by starting the program next month, I won't be able to learn fully and I might not even get to do clinical rotations in the hospital because I doubt the COVID crisis will be done by June when clinicals are anticipated to start. Even once we start to see things getting better, I doubt hospitals will be eager to let students back in quickly. Pros of starting next month: would be I get to save up more money and would be able to attend nursing school without taking out private loans (HUGE advantage imo). Also, learn better in person so I think I would do better having the support of my classmates as well as in person lectures. Would continue working once my office opens back up again as an MA. Cons of starting next month: Possibility that my rotations will be delayed or not be able to start, not sure how that would impact it all considering this is a 15 month ABSN program. Loss of salary for 1 year as a nurse. If anyone has any tips/suggestions or any foresight on how nursing programs are handling this situation, please let me know. I have tried contacting my nursing program but they aren't providing clear answers, most likely because they don't know yet how things will play out.

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