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  1. angel94

    Do the parents annoy you?

    I'm a nursing student so I have no experience just asking. But do the parents annoy you? There was a girl who would take pictures the whole 8 months her twins were in the NICU, day or night. And not just of the babies but everything. It just accured to me that as a NICU nurse this would be aggravating, especially if she is constantly bothering the babies after the nurse gets them settled.
  2. angel94

    Emory University D-ABSN Summer 2020

    Literally just now. I started off in nursing so am done with the base level classes.
  3. angel94

    Emory University D-ABSN Summer 2020

    I just applied. I am a little nervous as I have never heard of the program before. How is the program received by employers?
  4. angel94

    Grand Canyon University ABSN

    Is the program not online? I assumed it would be.
  5. angel94

    Should I trust the advisor?

    I am returning to nursing. I started off in nursing and switched right before I would've entered the nursing program. Because of this I now am done with all prerequisites, I do have to take Nursing process 1 over because it has expired. I sent all of this information to the advisor. I asked should I retake some classes to boost my GPA. She said no only the nursing class. I'm worried my GPA will not be high enough. I'm not sure whether to trust the advisor. I know this is her job but can she guarantee I will be accepted? If I'm not accepted I'll be upset thinking I should've take those classes over. I've decided to only take the nursing but I'm having so much anxiety of this situation.