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Should I trust the advisor?

by angel94 angel94 (New) New Student

I am returning to nursing. I started off in nursing and switched right before I would've entered the nursing program. Because of this I now am done with all prerequisites, I do have to take Nursing process 1 over because it has expired. I sent all of this information to the advisor. I asked should I retake some classes to boost my GPA. She said no only the nursing class. I'm worried my GPA will not be high enough. I'm not sure whether to trust the advisor. I know this is her job but can she guarantee I will be accepted? If I'm not accepted I'll be upset thinking I should've take those classes over. I've decided to only take the nursing but I'm having so much anxiety of this situation.

AlissaTaylor13, CNA

Has 4 years experience.

I am not sure what your GPA is, but if it below a 3.5 I would definitely retake classes! My advisor told me to skip actually getting my first degree even though I had finished all of the requirements so that I would be able to get more financial help, which I don't need. If I listened to her I would have lost a lot of extra points on my school's application. Plus advisors have absolutely no say in who gets into a nursing program so I wouldn't feel comfortable if they told me it was fine. I would figure out the average stats of students who made it into the program instead so that you can see how you compare!

I would double check with your program - some won't allow you to retake classes, so if you did it, it wouldn't make a difference. If they DO allow it, then I say go for it if your GPA needs the boost. In my experience, advisors do their best but they handle so much, they don't always have the bets answers or advice, sadly, so it's up to you to do the legwork in figuring out what you need. I'd contact the program admissions department and see if they'll allow pre-reqs to be retaken if it doesn't already say it on their website.