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  1. ILRNfor10

    BSN with Reprimand

    Did you ever get any info back from WGU? They shouldn’t refuse you for a reprimand as there are no restrictions.
  2. ILRNfor10

    Pay Question...

    I think pay per visit is always better than salary!
  3. ILRNfor10

    Illinois Agencies

    I do know there are many to stay away from! So many sketchy home health companies in Illinois. I would definitely stick w one associated w a hospital system. I’ve heard positive things about Advocate home health.
  4. How have the reactions been when you share the discipline with potential employees? M
  5. ILRNfor10

    Is the worst of this over? My disciplined license

    Did you end up being able to continue working w discipline on your license? Have you had any issues with HR departments?
  6. ILRNfor10

    Transition to Nurse Supervisor

    I feel like most supervisors I know wish they stayed on the floor! A lot more responsibility w not a lot more pay
  7. ILRNfor10

    IL BON disclipline?

    If anyone has anything, please send me a message! Looking for experiences and outcomes, etc. Thank you!
  8. ILRNfor10

    Afraid of giving report

    I have this issue, too. I think it also really depends on the nurses on the unit. Some are so picky and want everything handed to them. I tend to only want the main details so it drives me crazy when the incoming nurse wants so many details. When I feel anxious, I prepare myself during my shift and try to keep it in the flow of my report sheet so I’m not all over the place.
  9. ILRNfor10

    How long does this take ?!?!? Please help!

    My issue isn’t related to diversion but from time of complaint to receiving info on an informal conference was one year for me. It’s the longest process and so nerve wracking. I completely understand how you feel.
  10. ILRNfor10

    Timeline for BON

    Well the time has come...I have an informal conference. I would love to hear from anyone that’s ever dealt w the Illinois board of nursing. This is the most stressful thing I’ve ever dealt with.
  11. ILRNfor10

    Timeline for BON

    So you heard from an investigator fast or has the formal complaint filed? What is taking them so long? Have you had meetings and such yet?
  12. Totally agree! some nurses are super frazzled everyday, every shift, no matter what their assignment is. It's totally a personality thing!
  13. ILRNfor10

    Timeline for BON

    I know this isn't directly related to recovery but you all seem to have a lot of info on this. A complaint was made by a former employee ( I resigned from) regarding a documentation error (not diversion related). A few weeks after, I did get an email from an investigator who asked me to call her. I did and she just informed me of the complaint, who it was from, what it was. She indicated she had not viewed the "proof" yet, asked if I wanted to make a statement but told me I did not need to. Then said I would receive more info if and when a complaint was filed. That was a year ago and I have not received anything. Nothing in the mail, email, via phone. I hate having this hanging over me. Has anyone ever dealt with the Illinois BON and if so, can you tell me what your timeline experience was like? it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
  14. ILRNfor10

    IL BON disclipline?

    Has anyone ever been investigated by the IL BON? What has the timeline been like if you don't mind sharing. I was informed after resigning as a case manager nurse that I was being reported for a documentation error. I initially heard from an investigator via email that a complaint was made. I returned her call and was told what the complaint was (the documentation error), that I did not need to make a statement, and that once something official was filed I would be able to see the info under a case number and that I would receive more info. The investigator did imply that they had not actually reviewed the "proof" sent to them yet or had not actually received it. My question is-it's been one year. I haven't heard anything more. Does anyone know what the typical process is like? Will I get something in the mail? Does it usually take this long to get anything? I am ready to fight this and hate waiting. I have spoken to a few lawyers but all have suggested waiting it out since nothing "official" has been sent. I have another job at a hospital that I plan to stay at for a long time. I hate this hanging over me and really need to understand what I can expect in terms of the process. Both lawyers told me I would hear something within a few months (one said it would happen by the Summer, one said no later than the fall). Any experience that you can share would be great.

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