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Timeline for BON


I know this isn't directly related to recovery but you all seem to have a lot of info on this.

A complaint was made by a former employee ( I resigned from) regarding a documentation error (not diversion related). A few weeks after, I did get an email from an investigator who asked me to call her. I did and she just informed me of the complaint, who it was from, what it was. She indicated she had not viewed the "proof" yet, asked if I wanted to make a statement but told me I did not need to. Then said I would receive more info if and when a complaint was filed. That was a year ago and I have not received anything. Nothing in the mail, email, via phone. I hate having this hanging over me.

Has anyone ever dealt with the Illinois BON and if so, can you tell me what your timeline experience was like? it would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

In Mississippi it took forever! I self reported in Feb 2016 and gave a statement then I didn't hear back from them until Oct 2019! Its crazy how slow they are.

CA BON, mine was pretty quick, initial complaint was a couple months but case is still ongoing 2 1/2 years later...

So you heard from an investigator fast or has the formal complaint filed? What is taking them so long? Have you had meetings and such yet?

I had investigator appointed by BON within a few months, the investigator gave his findings back to the board and each interaction the board has with you takes several months as they are so impacted with complaints. At this point it turned into a formal complaint and my meeting with the board is to try and settle before hearing infront of the BON in regards to disciplinary action. My meeting at this point is set for end of the year.

Everyone I know that has had an issue with the BON takes forever, 2-3 years is the average.

Also Lawyer up if you have not and do not talk to anyone. You have rights to stay silent, they are not around to be your friend regardless is you did it or not. They will make you life a living hell through this entire process, Just stay strong and document everything.

Thanks for explaining. It’s just so weird Bc the lawyer I spoke to-actually two of them-told me I would be hearing back very soon (one said a few weeks and the other said by the fall when I consulted her in July of last year). I never heard anything. I have no idea what the findings were or even if the company gave over their “evidence”. It never went past the investigators email which was over one year ago. The last lawyer I consulted with told me that sometimes it’s best to just wait it out as sometimes they end up closing out cases after a certain amount of time/lack of evidence. I don’t even know if it went past the investigation and of the lawyers told me it’s not always best to dig around for answers and sometimes the wait and see is the best approach. It’s killing me though-I have thought about it everyday since the day I found out. I also feel like my side of the story is very truthful and if I get the chance to tell it-I won’t necessarily get any discipline. Plus, I’ve gotten a new job in a hospital I love on a unit I love since then and it scares me so much to think I have to wait and wait for years to see if anything ever comes of this!

Well the time has come...I have an informal conference.

I would love to hear from anyone that’s ever dealt w the Illinois board of nursing. This is the most stressful thing I’ve ever dealt with.