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CelRN has 4 years experience and specializes in ED/ICU.

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  1. CelRN

    Barry University SCRNA 2021

    Hey everyone! Excited to say that I’ve been accepted into the Orlando campus, interviewed last Friday and got the acceptance letter yesterday! I’ll be moving from out of state so I’d love any advice on housing from anyone familiar with the area! Congratulations to everyone who has gotten in so far, and good luck to all those still waiting! I’d love to connect with anyone else in the program! Is there a facebook page made yet?
  2. CelRN

    FIU CRNA 2021 Applicants

    Congratulations!! What time did they send your email? I’m hoping they’re still sending them out
  3. CelRN

    FIU CRNA 2021 Applicants

    😭😭 this wait is killing me! I don’t think my email has ever been checked so frequently!
  4. CelRN

    Barry University SCRNA 2021

    Hey everyone! Just wanted to see who all is applying for Barry University SCRNA program for 2021! Anyone have interviews yet? I have one scheduled in 2 weeks! Any current/prior students with advice on this program?

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