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The medical field is a career of life long learning, if you know it all you better hang it up.

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Mr.Sta has 7 years experience as a BSN, MSN, NP.

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  1. Mr.Sta

    Walden FNP Review

    @Lonnie48 Thanks, I tried to hit the key points. Let me know if you or anyone else has questions I can answer.
  2. Mr.Sta

    Layoffs - FQHC and others

    My clinic has switched all the providers to one week on and one week off. This has been for the Month of April. We have not gotten rid of any staff at this point but I am unsure how long this week on/week off will last. With HRSA they said you can put a pause on your time and just repay it at the end, at least that's what we were told. I will miss 10 days the Month of April, so if I go over before my anniversary days they will just tack those 10 days on the back half. We have also started to do some Telehealth but has not replaced the numbers fully, not sure how long this will all last or what May will bring. I have reached out to the locums companies I have worked with before and have that in place if needed. Great game of hurry up and wait.
  3. Mr.Sta

    On line NP or On-campus Np? (MA)

    I know someone currently going through mizzou for PMHNP, I believe she has had to go to the campus once or twice. I know she does have to find her own preceptors. I believe she is satisfied with how things are going also. I do have experience with all online and if you have no other option I guess you do that. I feel like even the labs once a year or semester would be very beneficial. Also as @Neuro Guy NPsaid the networking is huge, having contacts for references and help with difficult cases is important.
  4. Mr.Sta

    Walden FNP Review

    I have been reading different threads on here for years but have never had an account. I have seen a lot of talk about Walden, mostly pertaining to "don't go" which is not bad advice but does not answer any questions. I figured I would add in a basic review and my overall recommendation. Take it or leave it, I am not here to argue with anyone or promote anything. Application: easy, almost anyone with a pocketbook and a pulse gets in. I feel if you did not get accepted to Walden I would not advertise that. Coursework: trivial when I went, but I know they have revamped it since then with different things so I can't speak for the new students. When I went it was mostly writing papers. In no way does that prepare you for anything, in my honest opinion. If you can be disciplined reading the text book you will learn the material. This is with any online coursework. I find asking questions during school was useless because most of the time no response or teachers didn't know. The biggest downfall in my opinion would be no onsite lab experience to go over even basic NP skill sets. There are other online schools that have onsite labs every semester, I would have found this beneficial. Clinicals: Finding your own clinical is a pain and can derail your education. I personally had a few sites fall through last minute but was able to salvage those semesters with contacts I knew in the local medical community. I did find different preceptors but had to travel further than I liked to. Clinical can also make or break you, I had very good rotations with highly respected preceptors that also take on medical students as well as PA very frequently. One of my preceptors was even the head of the medical college's rural rotation program. This really helped having those good resources to teach me, without them it could have went differently. Cost: Final cost of just school was around 50k. I found this to be on par with another local brick/mortar NP school. After School: Passed AANP without problems on the first attempt, did study though. I feel like not anymore of my medical friends who went to different schools. Job search: I had a job lined up before taking my boards, also had different options available. I did also have two other ones lined up just in case. I work in a family practice clinic. I do pick up hours in local ER and an urgent care as a locums, the have not had a problem with my degree. As far as being a good NP that is subjective to whoever you ask, I have held down a job and received good reviews from my superiors. At my place of employment if you're not up to snuff they will place you on an improvement plan to help mentor you into what they want you to be. I have had a few colleagues had to this when they started. I did not ever have to do this, so I assume I've done something right. Final recommendation: I do not recommend going to Walden even though I have done well so far. I feel like there are better options with coursework that could help you become a better NP (onsite lab sessions), also if a school will find preceptors that is a plus. If you must be 100% online, which was my case, it is an option for you. If I could go back I would not have changed it because at the time was the only thing that worked for my family. Also I have worked with good and bad staff from many different schools, some prestigious and some looked down upon. One sticks out from Havard Medical school who loved to show off that class ring, but when SHTF was very rattled in the emergency room. I did not touch on things like diploma mill, for profit, or other hot words associated with Walden. This is more for the people thinking of going to NP school that want feedback about colleges. Some of you can put your pitchforks down 😉. also apologize for any mispellings or improper use of the english language... I did go to Walden for god sakes!
  5. Mr.Sta

    NP's how are you these days?

    Family Practice in rural area. Still limited cases of covid in the state, my patient load daily has dropped from around 18 down to 4. So people are listening and staying home. We have started doing some telephone visits when appropriate, and have tested a small number of people who have met criteria. Has not been to wild yet but I am sure it is coming sooner than later. I am not sure if my patient load decreased from covid or the fact I am a Walden graduate... 🤔. 😜 couldn't help myself.