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  1. Receiving verbal and telephone orders

    My director is very supportive and plans on initiating education for everyone including the physicians. He's getting push-back too though, even from the physicians.
  2. Receiving verbal and telephone orders

    Thank you. I do stand my ground but I end up working outside of and around my preceptor. It's super stressful. All the nurses, and I mean all, are practicing this way.
  3. Receiving verbal and telephone orders

    Hello, I recently started a new position and have several concerns regarding the way orders are received on the mental health and addictions floor I am working on. I brought my concerns to the director who took them seriously and is trying to initiat...
  4. Doubting my competency

    Hello all, I apologize in advance for the long post. I am trying to process some feedback and determine what is valid and what should be let go. I am currently starting a new position as a mental health nurse in drug and alcohol rehab. I'm tha...
  5. I feel like I'm cracking

    Hello all, I have been a nurse for a little over a year now. Some days I think that I am beginning to turn the corner. I feel a bit less anxious and little more confident. However, there are still days that I feel like a complete idiot and disco...
  6. Severe Anxiety

    @JKL33 I am seeing a counselor and started on an SSRI a few months ago. Perhaps I need to see a psychiatrist or psychologist instead.
  7. Severe Anxiety

    Hello, I have been a nurse for a year now but am still struggling with so much anxiety. I'm sick to my stomach before entering work and stay awake at night after my shift worried that perhaps I missed something or made an error. I find my OCD kicking...
  8. Blood administration

    Many of you have mentioned that you have never seen an order for ml only units. What about in pediatrics?
  9. Blood administration

    Hello, I'm a new nurse and gave blood today for the first time but am questioning whether I administered it correctly. An experienced nurse who was my second witness and did the double check with me helped me set up the infusion. From what I remember...
  10. New nurse anxiety and OCD

    Thank you. I did talk to my PCP and am seeing a therapist as well. My PCP also started me on medication as well.
  11. New nurse anxiety and OCD

    I am a new nurse struggling with a lot of anxiety and OCD at work. I'm terrified of making mistakes. I did make several mistakes with an EVD and was put on an improvement plan. Now I find myself questioning every small decision that I make, triple ch...