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  1. Galen College of Nursing Tampa Bay

    Awesome!! And yes I’ll be doing the BSN program ?
  2. Galen College of Nursing Tampa Bay

    Thank you! I’m so excited to start. I was supposed to start last quarter but had issues with FAFSA and ended up missing the registration deadline. But I basically completed all of my pre-reqs so I’ll hopefully be done in no time :) I got my acc...
  3. Galen College of Nursing Tampa Bay

    Awesome! Thanks for the info ? I’ll be starting the BSN program in October, I’m hoping the renewal happens. Like you mentioned though they’re owned by HCA so I’m sure it will.
  4. Galen College of Nursing Tampa Bay

    Hey! Did anyone ever find anything out about the CCNE renewal?
  5. Fall 2020 Hillsborough Community College

    I wanted to add that all of my things in My Documents on WebAdvisor are finally showing “received.” It was taking a while so I’m hoping this means that all applications have been reviewed.
  6. Fall 2020 Hillsborough Community College

    I’m so sorry to hear you had to forfeit your seat! I agree about the orientation date meaning we’ll probably hear something soon. Orientation is just a little over 3 weeks away, I just want to know something already so I can stop stressing! LOL
  7. Fall 2020 Hillsborough Community College

    This is exactly what mine looks like! I spoke to admissions and was told my questions couldn’t be answered until all applications were reviewed. I feel pretty stuck but will just wait until decisions go out.
  8. Hello, I was wondering if there is anyone here who has experience with applying for a masters degree at a university after graduating from Galen College of Nursing? They are accredited, but I’m still confused on whether a university like University o...
  9. Fall 2020 Hillsborough Community College

    I can see in WebAdvisor that they have entered in my completed pre-reqs for my application. It shows that they have all been fulfilled. So I know they’ve seen my official transcripts, since one of the classes I just completed in May. Also, I sent in ...
  10. Fall 2020 Hillsborough Community College

    My application fee, pre-reqs, and TEAS score are still showing as not received. These are all things that I’m positive I submitted. Their admissions office hasn’t been the most helpful to me so I’m hesitant on trying to reach out. The last time I did...
  11. Fall 2020 Hillsborough Community College

    You’re absolutely right! I’m hoping for the best but I know that no matter what, I’m gonna make it happen and become a nurse and eventually reach my goal of achieving my DNP. We all got this and I believe in everyone!
  12. Fall 2020 Hillsborough Community College

    Your pre req is still good! Mine is a 3.01. I’ve pretty much accepted that I won’t be getting (which hurts a little bit ?) but I had to give it a shot. Now I’m trying to make the decision to possibly retake some of the pre-req courses and apply again...
  13. Jobs Before/During Nursing School

    Yay good for you! and oop, I’m probably wrong. I vaguely remember seeing a nursing student talk about fundamentals 2 or something like that on here, but honestly can’t remember for sure. Either way, so happy for and I hope everything goes well!!
  14. USF Tampa Accelerated BSN Spring 2019

    Hi! I know this thread is a little old now, but was wondering if any of you know if USF’s ABSN look at grades on second attempts? Or do they only look at the first attempt?
  15. Hi everyone! I was wondering if the ABSN program looks at first or second attempts regarding classes you’ve retaken. Also, would you know how many re-takes are allowed? I thought about trying to get better grades in a few classes over the Summer to b...