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  1. meme4

    Fall 2020 Hillsborough Community College

    This is exactly what mine looks like! I spoke to admissions and was told my questions couldn’t be answered until all applications were reviewed. I feel pretty stuck but will just wait until decisions go out.
  2. Hello, I was wondering if there is anyone here who has experience with applying for a masters degree at a university after graduating from Galen College of Nursing? They are accredited, but I’m still confused on whether a university like University of South Florida’s masters in public health would accept their accreditation (I’m not familiar at all with nursing school accreditations). I’m planning ahead but this will play a huge role in whether I choose this program or not. Thanks for any help!
  3. meme4

    Fall 2020 Hillsborough Community College

    You’re absolutely right! I’m hoping for the best but I know that no matter what, I’m gonna make it happen and become a nurse and eventually reach my goal of achieving my DNP. We all got this and I believe in everyone!
  4. meme4

    Fall 2020 Hillsborough Community College

    Your pre req is still good! Mine is a 3.01. I’ve pretty much accepted that I won’t be getting (which hurts a little bit ) but I had to give it a shot. Now I’m trying to make the decision to possibly retake some of the pre-req courses and apply again ASAP or to go to Galen. I’m also still waiting to hear from 3 other state schools that I’ve applied to. I think you still have a good chance to be accepted!
  5. So, I’m currently a newborn hearing screener and have been so for nearly 2 years now for a very reputable children’s hospital in the Tampa Bay Area. I’ll be starting nursing school hopefully within the next year or even sooner. I’ve been applying to jobs that do not require licensures/certifications such as unit secretary, mental health techs, non-cert sterile processing techs, Anesthesia techs, even “nurse helpers” as the positions have been called (I don’t have a CNA, but I am BLS certified and will have a bachelors in health sciences with two concentrations in a couple of weeks). So far, no luck. Not even an offer for an interview. Besides my hearing screener experience, I worked at a hospital for almost two years as a radiology department secretary and patient transporter. My resume has been reviewed by professors, I’ve excelled in multiple applications and interviews for other positions including the one I have now. What could I be doing wrong? I really want to gain some more nurse-related experience. With the circumstances surrounding COVID-19 I’m unable to get my CNA and I’m out of my second job, so when I start nursing school working PRN as a hearing screener just won’t be enough to support myself. Could anyone give me some advice on things to try or positions to apply for?
  6. meme4

    Fall 2020 Hillsborough Community College

    Okay great that’s really helpful to know. If I don’t go ahead and send them as they are now then I’ll send in my proof of purchase before the deadline. I also read in an email from USF that if you need proof of your degree before it’s posted you can email someone to request it, but I can’t find the email now. If I find it I’ll let you know! Thanks so much for the update
  7. meme4

    Fall 2020 Hillsborough Community College

    Thank you so much for bringing this up!! I was hoping my professors would enter in grades before the deadline. In the past, most of my professors entered in grades pretty quickly. Please keep me updated though! I’ll definitely need to know what to do in the even that they take forever to enter in final grades do you think we’ll need to send in proof that we’ve earned our bachelors? I looked at PHSC too, but I haven’t taken my TEAS. I’m not sure why they wouldn’t waive that requirement with the circumstances? I’m currently going through the application process for Galen, but I would love to go through the HCC/USF concurrent program. USF’s ABSN program was my goal but life happens and I wasn’t able to achieve a perfect GPA. I think they’d laugh at me if I applied with a 3.0 LOL
  8. meme4

    Fall 2020 Hillsborough Community College

    Is there anyone applying with ~3.0 GPA? My pre-req GPA and overall GPA are are around 3.01. I’m finishing up my bachelors in health science right now at USF and will be submitting my nursing application to HCC as soon as grades are posted. I’m interested in the HCC/USF concurrent program, but I’ve applied to nursing schools all around FL. I’m just super nervous because my GPA isn’t as great as everyone else’s. Does anybody have recommendations for other nursing schools in the Tampa/St. Pete area?
  9. Can anyone who has attended the Utica ABSN program in Florida PLEASE give me some kind of reviews from your experience? It’s so hard to find reviews and it’s starting to steer me away.
  10. meme4

    Nursing programs in Tampa (HCC, USF, UT)

    I’m in the same situation. I’ll be graduating this May with my bachelors from USF. I’m just below a 3.0 right now but I feel pretty good about being able to raise my GPA when classes are finished. I’m weighing my options with the HCC/USF concurrent and Galen at the moment. I was looking at Utica, too, but it’s hard to find reviews on their programs in FL. It comes down to job prospects after nursing school and the cost of the program for me.
  11. meme4

    Galen April 2020

    So glad I found a more recent thread for Galen!! I'm going through the application process currently, just finished the FAFSA and hoping to start in July. Are the online classes rigorous or would you say they're pretty normal?

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