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  1. Numenor

    What did you do with nursing PhD?

    Research/academia, my guess is mostly academia (possibly consulting). I was a humanities master's student looking a PhD. Opted against it, the juice honestly isn't worth the squeeze unless you hate yourself. Sounds exciting is a lot different than ac...
  2. Numenor

    APRN Student needing interview answers

    Don't rely on an orientation which are often half-assed, do a residency if you can. I had to move but totally worth it. No way I could have worked acute care w/o it
  3. Numenor

    Concealed a nurse?

    That's fine but to also be against guns/self-defense makes 0 sense.
  4. Numenor

    Concealed a nurse?

    Pretty bad article, lots of emotional fallacies, skillful omissions and correlation/causation errors. Thankfully your opinion doesn't matter in this instance. Gun violence remains primarily inner city gang and suicide-related which heavily skews...
  5. Numenor

    CRNA Programs/Requirements

    Lot's of holes to fill here. There is a good spreadsheet out there which does cost $$$ but makes applying much easier as it shows every school requirement/deadline. You need recent ICU experience, while CRNA shadowing is helpful its not usually requi...
  6. Numenor

    Not Sure About Nursing

    Medicine is prestigious still. Law is meh. Just like MBA schools it depends on the school you go to. For many schools, all you need is a pulse and a degree. Still fascinates the layperson though, as historically law was a prestigious profession.
  7. Numenor

    Help with direct entry MSN personal statement

    Just go get your RN, you'll make more money in the long run. I have been an for a NP a while and wished I stayed bedside sometimes. Staff and travel RNs are making much more than me in this climate.
  8. Numenor


    Really doesn't matter at the end of the day, the difference is like 1-2 classes and 100 clinical hours between the two if one incorporates kids. Sad....
  9. Numenor

    Hofstra AGACNP/CRNA 2022

    Can someone explain the usefulness of this program? As an ACNP I definitely was not prepared to practice after graduation (in-person state/public school) and needed a year-long fellowship to fill the gaps. I couldn't imagine learning to become a comp...
  10. Bizarre question. Sure, I can look up my own record and I can also even prescribe to myself. Should I? No... Once again weird question with 0 context from a new user. Sus
  11. Numenor

    Mayo Clinic AZ Cardiology NP fellowship

    I did a NP fellowship, very valuable. Worth 10x more than any program, congrats!
  12. Numenor

    Alternative Options for Doctorate

    Acutal PhDs are intense by nature. Prior to nursing, I was in the humanities field and PhDs were known soul suckers. Not only did you have to get into a good program, it had to be funded and your job prospects were dismal afterward even in academia. ...
  13. Numenor

    OR RN to NP or PA

    Honestly PA, you won't get any surgical exposure as a NP student
  14. Numenor

    Entering Reserve Nursing with young children

    Yes, nurse corps. Of course it is normal, just expect you could be away from them for 9-12 months at any given time. Is it super common nowadays? No but definitely possible. Also those missed weekends and Summer weeks for training add up when it come...
  15. Numenor

    Am I Crazy? A New NP Story

    You should tell the nursing credentialing bodies this and also tell them to enforce more hours and residency requirements. Because guess what, they are selling us like we are supposed to be competent out of the gate. This is a systemic problem ...