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    CRNA Admissions GPA/ Years in ICU

    Hi guys! I know people ask these questions a lot but I'm a third semester ADN student (will be continuing straight into my BSN) I have a 3.67 overall GPA and 3.98 for the school I am at right now (where I took almost all of courses for nursing school) I plan to do a math minor as well and have taken the general Chemistry series (got A's in both). I utterly bombed my freshman year for personal reasons at a state school and have worked really hard to bring my GPA up since then but get stressed that will hold me back if I get even an A- now. So I had a few questions 1) I'm doing the math minor more because I like math then for grad school, but are their any benefits to minors in difficult subjects? 2) Assuming my GPA stays about the same how many years should I be looking at in the ICU would I have a reasonable chance at getting in with 2 years? I'm hoping to go to a midwest school such as Newman University, Bryan College of health science, UM twin cities, Mayo clinic, St Mary's. Anybody go to those school and have any insight?

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