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  1. luckyducky

    Need Help to Pass NCLEX in June

    @magnoliablush God bless you Definitely needed to hear those words!
  2. luckyducky

    Need Help to Pass NCLEX in June

    @magnoliablush Thank you so much! I'm doing everything I need as far as preparing. I just need to be confident in myself
  3. luckyducky

    Need Help to Pass NCLEX in June

    Hello, I'm in my last semester in nursing school and I'm preparing for the NCLEX in June. My dilemma: I tend to struggle to critically think at times. For example, on my ATI practice exams I will miss a questions like " A patient is one day post-op from _______. What discharge teaching does the nurse need to include before the patient goes home?" I'll get it wrong because I feel like I choose the right answer, but the correct answer rationale connects the patients surgery to an underlying risk factor that I forget to think about. I'm using my Saunders book, UWorld, and Hurst to study. I'm just extremely discouraged. I'm doing good with UWorld and Hurst, but I personally can't stand ATI with my learning style. I'm so scared I will fail the NCLEX :,( ...... Any advice or study tips? I'm an average B student in school but I had to WORK my butt off

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