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  1. GreenMagus87

    Prerequisite(s) progress thread

    I am simultaneously doing Chem 1 with lab through Portage and completing my M.Div (master of divinity) thesis at a seminary. These things do not fit well together and my brain is cooked.
  2. GreenMagus87

    Healthcare Experience and Admissions

    Hello Everyone, I am currently taking my prereqs to apply to nursing school. My ultimate goal is to be a PMHNP and I hope to get into a direct entry style program, though I will also be applying to a couple stand alone ABSNs. My question(s) are basically as follows: 1. How important is it to have healthcare experience and/or shadowing before applying to programs? 2. How does one find shadowing opportunities for PMHNP? I have an immediate family who is an RN so I think I likely have ample opportunities for RN shadowing. 3. I was a chaplain before deciding to take this path. How is that likely to be received in regard to question 1? For the record I am NOT claiming chaplaincy is healthcare in the proper sense, but it does share a common workspace with healthcare professionals and some of the same social and decision making skills with regard to patient care. Thanks in advance! -GreenMagus87
  3. GreenMagus87

    A & P with no science background?

    Hello Everyone, Thanks for the comments. I ended up starting Introductory Chem through Portage. Introductory Bio is next as they've started to offer it. Then I will move on to the A & P sequence.
  4. GreenMagus87

    A & P with no science background?

    Hello All! I am hoping to begin nursing school in the next couple years and have been comparing potential schools' prerequisites. A & P appear to be the core of the prereqs as everyone asks for them but I've noticed most of the places that offer them list bio and chem as "strongly recommended." The school I'm looking to take these courses through offers A & P but no introductory bio course (I could take Chem I first though). How unreasonable is it to take A & P cold and catch myself up? Other info that may or may not be relevant - I want to take my courses through Portage, so they will be at my own pace. - Decent student (3.7 undergrad, seminary masters) but virtually no science background. - Ultimate goal is PMHNP Thanks in advance! GreenMagus87

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