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  1. RubellaFella

    Advice on switching jobs

    Hello! I am currently a neuro med/surg nurse and it is taking a big toll on my psyche. I am about 1 year deep since graduating, and I know it's not for me. Nursing may not even be for me. My new plan is to become a diabetes educator. But until I get some CE credits I don't think I'll have much luck becoming a diabetes nurse, which I need 1000 hours of to become certified as a diabetes educator. I am looking for temporary jobs in the meantime, such as covid vaccination jobs. Any suggestions on temporary jobs? I am finding this process more difficult than expected. Any good non-nursing jobs?
  2. RubellaFella

    Struggling new grad neuro nurse

    I work 12 hour overnights. 5 more orientation shifts. Normal patient load is 5-6 but I’ve been getting 4-5 because of corona. I have ADD, but have coped well in life so far. I struggle with keeping my patients straight (I confuse who has which neuro deficits), keeping on time, and quickly conducting neuro assessments. I also have a hard time understanding the “why” for patients (meds, treatments). If I had more time I could read all provided notes and get a nice schedule set up for myself but I have very little time! My current strategies are using sticky notes (on EPIC) to remember to do everything, trying to write minimally on my brainsheet to not confuse myself, and referring to doctor notes more often for “why” stuff. Any other tips?
  3. I am just looking for strategies to stay attentive and learn quickly. I’m a new grad nurse scheduled to be off orientation April 17. I have been struggling to stay focused and on top of everything and my precepting nurses have noticed. But I’m putting my heart and soul into it. 12 hour overnights, neuro unit, .9 FTE. Hit me up!
  4. RubellaFella

    Nurses with ADD (inattentive ADHD)

    Hey all! I am a fresh new grad nurse on a neurology unit. I have ADD and my fears have been confirmed: multitasking is a challenge. Staying on top of all my 5-6 patient’s needs is quite difficult. I'm worried about making critical mistakes. I’m not sure how much my ADD is contributing or if I’m just experiencing regular new nurse struggles. Anyway.. Question 1: any coping strategies out there for inattentive ADHD nurses? Question 2: does it seem more reasonable for an ADD guy such as my self to be in a more focused specialty like wound care or IV team? Would mental health units be good for ADD folks?