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Struggling new grad neuro nurse

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by RubellaFella RubellaFella (New) New Nurse

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I work 12 hour overnights. 5 more orientation shifts. Normal patient load is 5-6 but I’ve been getting 4-5 because of corona. I have ADD, but have coped well in life so far. I struggle with keeping my patients straight (I confuse who has which neuro deficits), keeping on time, and quickly conducting neuro assessments. I also have a hard time understanding the “why” for patients (meds, treatments). If I had more time I could read all provided notes and get a nice schedule set up for myself but I have very little time! My current strategies are using sticky notes (on EPIC) to remember to do everything, trying to write minimally on my brainsheet to not confuse myself, and referring to doctor notes more often for “why” stuff. Any other tips?

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All I can offer is encouragement. I'm 8 months in now, new grad like you on a neuro floor. Neuro was not necessarily my first choice or a subject I excelled at in nursing school, but then again I just wanted a job and was happy to get it.

In honesty, I didn't start feeling somewhat "okay" until I was forced out on my own. Basically, it is going to be trial and error and what works best for you. I felt more anxious on orientation than I did a month off of it. Not to say I don't still get nervous, I'm just less nervous now because I've learned how to get the help I need to answer the many, many things I don't know yet. I was nervous wreck like the first month out on my own, but remember YOU ARE NEVER ALONE, help is a coworker/charge nurse/phone call away.

And it is normal to struggle with who has what neuro dx, why the tx for this is this, normal. This is only something experience will bring...I've barely a head start on you so I'm still constantly learning still, there are neuro things I've not even heard about yet, that the nurse who have been there for 10 years haven't either, those rare neuro things pop up sometimes, so how can I possibly know the reasoning for tx ahead of time? It's a hard growing process.

It sucks to learn trial by fire, but that really is how we learn in this job. It will get better, you will feel better, give yourself time. Will this make your anxiety go away? Probably not. But overtime, you will notice that something that made you so anxious no longer does because you know what to do or know who to ask to find out what to do. Hang in there. Being a new nurse can be hard, give yourself some slack.

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