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I'm an experienced pediatric nurse and new NICU nurse!

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pinkdoves has 3 years experience as a BSN and specializes in Pediatrics, NICU.

just a 24 yo girl :)

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  2. well I once had to explain to a nurse what desitin is...IDK why I thought this was common knowledge but I guess not
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    Holiday Epiphany

  4. pinkdoves

    RN Claims to Be An LPN To Avoid Certain Tasks

    LMAO that's hilarious!! I mean--completely inappropriate--but the funniest story I've heard in a long time. Sounds like she deserves to be fired tbh. I wouldn't want someone that lazy or sneaky working with me.
  5. hmm I respectfully disagree. If the only nursing job in the world was wiping people's butts in the hospital this would be a different story. But in reality, there are many nurses that don't work in hospitals or in patient care. They work as researche...
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    Med Error

    Sorry if some posters have made you feel this way. It's good you recognize your mistake was a big one and learn never to make the same one. I guess next time if you feel something is "odd" you should double check with someone else. Now you know! I fu...
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    A Little Rant And Some Failures

    awh my heart goes out to you! this sounds like a very stressful situation!
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    Med Error

  9. LOL thank u for making my day !
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    Med Error

    how is it not an accident? Unless OP decided "hey, I'm purposely going to give my patient the wrong dose" then it IS. The amount of people in this thread that act like they've never made a mistake is glaring. I agree that this is a huge mistake, but ...
  11. ngl, I am considering going back to school for computer science. Nursing just doesn't appeal to me and I do not want to do this for a long time.
  12. I currently work as a NICU RN in a level IV hospital. It's really good experience honestly, even though it is stressful. Something I did notice is that almost ALL of my coworkers are working up to something different or higher... tons are going ...
  13. izzy, that made my day! im so happy you're doing what's best for you. I wish you happiness and peace. Good luck with whatever you end up doing. You too made me feel less alone!
  14. WOW, thank you for taking the time to write your story. That sounds really stressful and scary. I would say at this point, just be honest with your work manager, because he/she already knows something is wrong. Quit, but then also tell them why. Mayb...
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    Peri-care without gloves?

    um EW