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Gr8fulRN has 11 years experience as a BSN and specializes in Pediatric RN.

FNP student trying to make it through this program

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  1. Hey, I just recently started an FNP program and I’m currently taking advanced pathophysiology as one of my classes. My teacher doesn’t teach, she just reads the power points to us so I spend hours studying on my own by listening to recorded lectures, reading the power points, referencing the textbook, watching Youtube videos, and making flashcards on quizlet.com. I have taken two test so far and although I have a “B” which is just passing. I’m very unhappy with my grades because they don’t reflect the effort I’m putting in. While I’m taking the exam, I feel like I understand and that the questions are fair then I get my grade and I’m shocked. Any pointers and type on how to study and What supplemental materials I need because clearly I’m doing something wrong. I currently work and go to school full-time and but my schedule allows me to put a good amount of study hours in on my days off. Please help! Maybe this isn’t for me Thanks for reading

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