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  1. Thank you! I will just look at the other job openings then.
  2. Thank you so much for the advice! I have more courage now, b/c it won’t hurt to try and in the worst case just being ignored.
  3. Oz37

    High School Classes

    Depend on the school you want to go, there may/may not be prerequisite classes required. E.g. Some high-ranking schools, like UW will need classes taken before you apply to the nursing school. Other schools, like my school for BSN, will have you take the classes at the 1st year. We took anatomy, Microbiology, physiology, so just take it as a reference. Hope my answer helps! And good luck with studying!
  4. I was a lucky one to get most of my preceptorship hours done at the beginning half of the semester. And my preceptor and nurses on the floor were encouraging me to talk to the nursing manager for the unit (who I never meet b/c my clinical is PM shift). But I can no longer return to the preceptorship d/t Covid-19 all hospitals banned students and I totally understand that. I don't know if I should still email the nursing manager and request the opportunities since I was only there for about 20 shifts. Would it sound like a too abrupt request? Really appreciate suggestions

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