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    KN95 mask?

    How is a KN95 mask supposed to be equivalent to an N95 mask when I can feel air leaking out of the front,near my chin? They are one size fits all. I cant even tighten up the strings. I work in a LTC facility on floor with Covid patients only. We get 1 KN95 mask/shift
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    How important is the nurse's comfort?

    Is a nurse being unreasonable if she asks the caregiver if she can lower the A/C? The room gets too cold,and even wearing a scarf and two sweaters does not enough. Caregiver says client needs the a/c up high.
  3. I think a better idea is to implement more of a team nursing approach. I wrote about this before,but a hospital in my area asked my agency for nurses that were experienced with ventilators. The plan was to have the agency nurses work exclusively with the ventilators and other respiratory issues. That would have freed up the ICU nurses to do other things. Many of my coworkers were eager to help out. Many on here were against it,but as I read AN,I think many posters believe that nurses working outside of the hospital setting are brainless.
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    LTC Residents and Workers Face Tragedy

    That is awesome! I assume no agency nurses work there? Most nursing homes around here hire agency.
  5. As someone who works in PDN.yes the nurse that was not supposed to suction was in the wrong. First,she violated professional boundaries. You do NOT go over to a patient's home if you are off the clock. That is just how it is. OP,most people do not understand private duty home health and boundaries. You should ask to have this moved to the PDN forum.
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    LTC Residents and Workers Face Tragedy

    Most have Covid 19 floors. Mine just placed about 10 on one floor. The non positive residents were moved to the non Covid floor.
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    LTC Residents and Workers Face Tragedy

    Why did Gov. Cuomo require nursing homes to take back positive residents? Why couldn't they stay at the hospital? We are not equipped to care for Covid patients.
  8. These Youtube doctors and nurses claim it is the ventilators killing the patients,but I am personally not convinced. I read before that most vented Covid 19 patients will die,and not from respiratory issues, but from sepsis or multi organ failure,which has nothing to do with a ventilator. I notice they do not even seem to offer an alternative,only that vents do not work. So what are we supposed to do,watch an ARDS patient progress into cardiac arrest? https://www.dailymail.co.uk/video/news/video-2160344/Video-Nurse-claims-COVID-19-patients-murdered-NY-hospitals.html

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