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LauRN3367 MSN, NP

PCU, cardiology
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LauRN3367 has 8 years experience as a MSN, NP and specializes in PCU, cardiology.

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  1. LauRN3367

    Boyfriend wants me to stay away

    Well, everyone who has been following on this adventure, here are some updates: 1) I have officially blocked a handful of members who, despite being warned by Admin, have continued to ping-pong insults and bait me. Save the "that's not how a public forum works", this is a stressful time (there is no doubt about that) and for my personal sanity I am finished with online trolls. In addition, I would be more inclined to keep sticking up for myself, however I am respecting Admin's request to stop with the back and forth and biting my tongue. Thought I could certainly go all day. 2) Tiger King on Netflix is awesome and a great distraction. 3) I am glad to see that some other nurses found this thread helpful.
  2. LauRN3367

    Boyfriend wants me to stay away

    I'm sorry- are you expecting me to respond to you as GrumpyRN, NP? I couldn't care less what anyone's title is- CNA, LPN, RN, BSN, MSN, NP, DNP, PA, MD, RT, DO.
  3. LauRN3367

    Boyfriend wants me to stay away

    Not “breaching social distancing”. Social distancing is staying 6 feet away from others. Which is what I said I would do. Again, if this is what you preach I hope you haven’t left your house. In addition, the US is doing far more testing than China. We have nowhere near the amount of deaths China has. The more you know GrumpyRN
  4. LauRN3367

    Boyfriend wants me to stay away

    Looking for advice. My boyfriend is terrified of getting the Coronavirus and therefore has told me that he doesn’t want to see me until this blows over. I work inpatient, my hospital has covid patients but I am not directly caring for them. I can’t help but be hurt- I tried seeing him and stopping by his house but he’s hesitating. Doesn’t he know this is an incredibly difficult time for me? Is anyone else dealing with this?

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