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  1. Megsb

    Competitive GPA for ABSN program?

    That’s a great GPA, and congratulations on earning your BSN! I appreciate the info, it’s definitely helpful. I’m going to apply to both programs, just have to wait and see what happens!
  2. Megsb

    Competitive GPA for ABSN program?

    Hi! I’m planning on applying later this year to both USM’s and UNE’s ABSN program for the 2021 cohort. For anyone who has been through the application process and accepted to either school, what was your GPA for your pre req courses/overall GPA from previous bachelors? I’m a little worried I won’t be a competitive applicant. I have a 3.4 from UNH bachelors of science in hospitality. Any advice would be helpful! Thank you!

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