Southern Maine Community College- ADN program & Fort Kent RN to BSN


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I’ve applied for the Pre-Nursing program at SMCC, has anyone completed their ADN program? If so, what has your experience been? Do you feel prepared? What is the feedback from employers?

On another note, has anyone completed the Fort Kent RN to BSN online program? I’m hoping to get my ADN and then finish by BSN once employed.

Thank you for any advice!

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Did you ever get answers to your questions?

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I haven't graduated yet, but I'm currently heading into my last semester this fall @ SMCC. Despite the difficulties with doing lectures online during the pandemic, I think the program is great. They really give the students a lot of support, and the curriculum is structured in the way that I find not to be overwhelming.

The instructors are also very accessible, and the tutoring/nursing club meetings go a long way to help facilitate success in the program. If you ask for help, they'll meet you halfway if your having trouble with something. From what I've heard, SMCC grads are highly sought after and the program has a really great reputation in the state.

I'm also looking at the online BSN program @ UMFK. One of my clinical instructors graduated from that program and said its very doable working full-time as a new grad. She was able to get the cost of her BSN covered by her employer as well.