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CCRNJames has 4 years experience and specializes in Critical care.

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  1. I know this may come across as crazy, but I’ll try my best to explain. Two years ago, I was notified by my former hospitals leadership that a patient complained about the care myself and my PCT offered. I was instructed that I would have a three days to self report myself to the board of nursing or they (my employer) would. Two days after, I retained an attorney, I self reported with my attorneys assistance and a few weeks later ... I was notified my case was dismissed. I have a letter from the nursing board that says as such. about two months passed and I then get an email from my attorney saying “the board received new information (from someone unknown to us) and the case is reopened.” My attorney believes this was someone in leadership from my previous employer as what was provided to us included information only my former employer would know (IE - how I was penalized, how that hospital already did an investigation, etc) and I was instructed to again retain legal counsel and go through their investigation. The information we received is full of false information and we submitted the same exact self report that was originally dismissed, this time highlighting that what was provided to the board from the “unknown reporter” was incorrect. That was almost 18 months ago. my attorney told me that it’s not uncommon for these cases to take months. But it’s closing in on two years upcoming. I have absolutely nothing to hide about, I’m willing to explain my situation when an interview with an investigator is requested. As the original case was dismissed, I feel my chances to come out unharmed is better than many that end up being reported to the board. my question is in relation to applying for endorsement to a non compact state. I have a multistate license, and my wife and I are both interested in moving back to where we are from (Illinois). We live in Texas now. I know it’s not ideal to leave while pending a serious situation, but I’m not sure how much longer I’ll have to wait until I hear of the nurses decision. My license here and in a multi state area is unrestricted and my new employer is aware of what I’m facing and didn’t pose any restrictions to where I'm at now. Just curious if I could possibly try to obtain licensure in another state while (still) being under investigation. Not sure how long this will take nor does my attorney. Thanks!

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