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ER, Advocate, critical care, Case management
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2beAnurseR0 has 24 years experience and specializes in ER, Advocate, critical care, Case management.

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  1. 2beAnurseR0

    We must take care of ourselves FIRST

    I was taught take care of yourself 1st your partner 2nd then you will both be alive to take care of the patient 3rd. The same thing applies to this situation. Amid PPE Shortage, Clinicians Face Harassment, Firing for Self-Care
  2. 2beAnurseR0

    On Your Own

    I would love to find out her name and how business is doing. Most people here in UT just take the Dr’s word as God, no questions asked. Then when something goes wrong they blame themselves for not knowing better. If they have a neutral third party that they could ask questions to, maybe that something won’t go wrong.
  3. 2beAnurseR0

    On Your Own

    The last several months I have been helping out friends with different problems they are having with the Medical community. I have been their portable advocate. Could a Business of being an advocate for hire be legal? Could it work? Thank you very very much
  4. 2beAnurseR0

    On Your Own

    Has anyone out there decided to Freelance? You have a valid license and a defined scope of practice. Have you/ Can you freelance? What do you need, besides your own private msg insurance. just thinking and The more brains the better

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