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    Protecting our families?

    Depending on our location, many of us are already starting to be in contact with patients who are either rule out or have tested positive. Even though we are wearing the proper PPE and taking precautionary steps to avoid spreading the virus, the reality is we all have to go home to our families each night. This has me seriously considering the most responsible steps to take to protect my family after I come home from my shifts. Currently, I am taking my scrubs off in the garage, bagging them, putting them directly in the washer, and walking to the shower without going anywhere else in the house. Whether this is enough I do not know, which is why I am looking for the opinions and ideas of other nurses. What are you each doing when you get home to reduce the chance of transmission to your family members/housemates? If you are treating an actively positive patient are you separating yourself in a different room of the home when you go home? Do you feel confident that practicing regular common sense hygiene is enough to limit exposure to our loved ones? (I am referring to nurses who have not tested positive and are exhibiting no symptoms.)

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