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  1. Nina Llanos

    THR DFW Summer Nurse Internship

    Hey! I actually did hear back. This is for a Summer Internship programs for Nursing Students who are still currently in nursing school. It's essentially a PCT job that allows you to practice your technical nursing skills rather than a typical CNA position. It is not a residency position that you apply for after completion of your Nursing program. I got scheduled for an interview a week after applying for the position and I was blessed to get a position this upcoming Summer at THR.
  2. Nina Llanos

    THR DFW Summer Nurse Internship

    Hello, I just wanted to create a thread Texas Harris Methodist Summer Nurse Internship in DFW. Applications opened and closed very quickly from March 9-11th. I just wanted to create a thread for those to talk in, if you've applied. For those who have previously done the internship program can you share your insight? What is the expected application timeline?

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