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  1. Lylith Elaine

    Georgia State Perimeter ASN- Fall2020 Applicants

    Nice, CONGRATS :)
  2. Lylith Elaine

    Georgia State Perimeter ASN- Fall2020 Applicants

    I hope we get in too!
  3. Hello! Let's keep this forum active. I want to go through the process with you all. I have applied for Fall2020 and this wait is killing me. I received a letter stating I meet the minimum requirements and will have an answer BY April 30. I keep checking the mail regardless of the letter. My backup plans are Chatt Tech and South College who has basically already accepted me but I do NOT want to pay their crazy tuition fees. However, if I'm rejected from both Ga State and Chatt Tech then to South College I go. My stats: TEAS: 81 Overall GPA: 3.81 Science GPA: 4.0 I've taken all pre-reqs and am ready to go. Still in some extra classes to get my health science associates. I graduate this May. What are your stats? Your backup plans? Share your impatience. This wait is torture

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