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  1. Unsure if this is for me

    Hello! I'm rather new to telephone triage, only been at it for the past year. I took the job, not knowing exactly what it entailed. Barely recieved any training (went from inpatient to triage for primary care), have no protocols or policies to foll...
  2. Unsure if this is for me

    When I found out about the lack of protocols I was shocked too. I've been pushing for them but it's not going anywhere. One disposition that was not handled correctly, that was rectified in a timely manner. No bad outcomes that I've been told of. I'm...
  3. Urgent and emergent situations in the clinic

    Anyone have any good resources for advancing triage skills? I recently switched from inpatient to ambulatory, and it's such a different world!! For instance, a patient with 102 fever, vomiting, headache, cough, no abd pain. Is it the flu, somethi...