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  1. SD25

    New Grad to ICU

    Excellent advice, much appreciated!
  2. SD25

    New Grad to ICU

    So if I take the night shift at my job, what is the average pay differential for taking this shift or working the weekends. Do you have any examples of night shift differentials or weekend pay differentials in your jobs?
  3. SD25

    New Grad to ICU

    The end goal is CRNA school and getting ICU experience will be the best to get an acceptance in the most efficient way possible. So I will stick with the plan of getting CNA certified and getting a job as tech in an ICU and using this to get entry into ICU as an RN. Thanks for all the replies and clarification.
  4. SD25

    New Grad to ICU

    I have been thinking of this idea, would like to throw it out and see what everyone's opinion is on this. I have family in California, so I would start by getting an ICU job there, most likely through a new grad RN residency program. After this program, I would work for 1 year and then after this, supplement my income with perdiem shifts at hospitals in San Francisco. My sister is a nurse and has many of her coworkers do this, as overtime rates are at double pay. How feasible is it to get one of these positions after a year of work experience. I plan to do this because I have a lot of debt from school and CRNA school will be very expensive. Any insight is appreciated, thanks!
  5. SD25

    Chances for CRNA School

    It's still below 3.0 with this all here, I believe around 2.95. If a school states that they give preference to the last 60 credits do they still consider the whole cumulative GPA.
  6. SD25

    New Grad to ICU

    In regards to new grad programs, how competitive is it to get into one of these programs and what can be done to maximize your chances of getting into one?
  7. SD25

    New Grad to ICU

    Great thanks for your replies. I will have a lot of student loans when I am done with the program and was wondering if you can give me some information on requirements to pick up PER DIEM shifts as an RN. From my understanding, I would have to work for a year before qualifying for these positions. Anyone have experience picking up two full-time jobs after graduating and working nights with both, for extra pay. The end goal is to go into CRNA school and would like to be financially covered when that time comes.
  8. SD25

    New Grad to ICU

    I am going to start an ABSN program in May and will graduate in May 2021, with the hope of working in an ICU after I graduate. My plan during the program is to work in the ICU as a CNA and then develop connections from this and hopefully get a job in the ICU upon graduating. Another option would be to attend an RN residency program and use this to get into an ICU. What are some ways new grads have gotten into an ICU, all help is appreciated!
  9. SD25

    MD to CRNA

    I withdrew from my program and am just wondering if anyone else on this forum has been in a similar situation and has gone onto being admitted into a CRNA program. Also, I am going to be attending an accelerated BSN program in the Summer for 1 year and am wondering if anyone has advice in getting ICU employment afterward. All help is appreciated, thanks.

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