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  1. nursemeeshell

    Antelope Valley Hospital (Lancaster, CA)

    I just responded to your questions via email! Hope it’s somewhat helpful. Feel free to reach out if you’d like to know anything else :)
  2. nursemeeshell

    New Grad Training During COVID-19

    I am a new graduate nurse starting my first job the beginning of April. I noticed that many residency programs are pushing back their cohort start dates due to the COVID-19 pandemic because nurses do not have the time to train new hires. My hospital does not have a residency program, but provides six weeks of orientation. I understand that the nurses precepting me will be especially busy during this time, so I don’t know if I should be concerned about receiving adequate training. I was wondering if I should take the offer or wait it out for a different opportunity.
  3. nursemeeshell

    Valley Presbyterian Hospital

    May I ask about your postpartum interview? Would appreciate any insight if you're open to sharing!
  4. nursemeeshell

    Antelope Valley Hospital (Lancaster, CA)

    Recently got a job offer at Antelope Valley Hospital! It's my first position as a new grad nurse. Was wondering if anyone had information on the culture, location, and pay. I couldn't find anything recent on the internet. Much appreciated!

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