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  1. Whatcom CC Fall 2020

    I'm applying to Whatcom for fall 21, waiting on decision. any intel as far as who gets in based on the point system? I have a 3.82, previous degree and CNA license (not 500 hours of experience though ). anxiously await...
  2. RN to BSN in WA

    Hi All! Have any of you gone thru RN-BSN/MSN programs in WA state? Please share your experiences. How competitive are these programs at UW/WSU? Additionally, did your employer cover any tuition costs? Would love to know more about this proce...
  3. Best ADN programs in NW WA?

    Hi All! What are the best ADN programs in NW WA? I am applying to Skagit Valley College and Whatcom College. Have any of you had experience with either of these programs? Any other reccs? Thanks!
  4. Hi All! This is my first post on AllNurses, so thank you for taking the time to look at my post! I recently received an interview invitation from my top school, University of Arizona (YAY!!). Have any of you interviewed with UA in past years? If so, ...