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University of Arizona BSN Interview- Any Advice?

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by Huskymom11 Huskymom11 (New) New Student Pre-Student

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Hi All!

This is my first post on AllNurses, so thank you for taking the time to look at my post!

I recently received an interview invitation from my top school, University of Arizona (YAY!!). Have any of you interviewed with UA in past years? If so, I would love to hear some tips. Advice does not need to be UA specific, but I was just seeing if there was any experience with UA’s interview process in particular. 

I am specifically interested in their Integrative Health program in Gilbert. 


Thank you in advance! 

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Heartbeat2BLPN has 2 years experience as a CNA and specializes in Long-Term Care.

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Sorry I have no experience, but I am wondering what your stats were?

I am located in Gilbert and I did not know they had a program out here. Do you have to take organic Chemistry or just the basic intro to chem?

I can tell you my interview experience with Pima Medical Institute for their RN program. They asked why I wanted to be a nurse, what was I going to do once I was a nurse to elevate the profession, what I thought a problem in nursing today was, and then a few behavioral/job interview style questions like what did you do when you had a conflict with a patient? (I was a CNA). Hopefully U of A has similar questions.

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