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  1. I start a two year BSN program this Summer, I will have next Summer off. I am looking for a volunteer/internship preferably in the Middle East next Summer. I don't need chef prepared meals or fancy housing, I have worked abroad and an experience in Ethiopia is what let me to go back to school for nursing. Any advice or recommendations on a program would be much appreciated! (I speak Arabic and am currently an EMT)
  2. Dyson

    Multiple job offers & new to healthcare

    After nursing school I hope to get into a fellowship program and work in the ICU. My long term goal is to be a CRNA.
  3. I have recently decided to change careers and just received an EMT-B certification. I am new to healthcare and want to gain experience before I start nursing school. I am trying to decide between a couple offers, any advise would be great! EMT with a 24 hr service PCT at a dialysis center PCT at a hospital, I can choose from the four departments below - Rehab -Med/Surg -Cardiac/Nuero -Cardiac
  4. Dyson

    ASN vs. BSN

    I am switching career paths and finishing up my prerequisites. There are two programs in my area (Northwest Arkansas), accelerated associate of nursing and a B.S.N. program. I already have a master’s degree but in an unrelated field so I would love the idea of an accelerated program but I am worried if I go with the ASN I might have a hard time getting hired after nursing school. I am also planning on getting my MSN. What program would you suggest? Does anyone know if it is hard to get hired with an ASN in NWA?