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  1. Hey everyone just wanted to shed some light to others who have just taken the NCLEX and got the so called bad pop up. I know others on the board have also said it’s not accurate but I also wanted to share my story. I took my NCLEX on Saturday 6/6/2020 at 8 AM computer shut off at 70 questions. I thought it was too easy. I did the PVT trick around 5PM and got the bad pop up. I was so upset all weekend and for no reason!! I found out this morning around 9AM through Pearson unofficial results I PASSED. Do yourself the favor DONT do the trick!!
  2. afs1928

    RN ATI Fundamentals

    Hi everyone looking for some major suggestions. I am getting ready to take the ATI RN fundamentals I need a level two in order to test out of the class. I have been searching high and low and found really no help to study for this. I have been reading the ATI book also listening to a lady on Youtube Helluava nurse. Looking for maybe an app to do questions pertaining to fundamentals. It looks like in the past students have used RN Mentor but I’m not sure if it’s not available anymore when I try to download it says not available in my region. Any suggestions would be great thanks a million