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RN ATI Fundamentals

afs1928 afs1928 (New) New Student

Hi everyone looking for some major suggestions. I am getting ready to take the ATI RN fundamentals I need a level two in order to test out of the class. I have been searching high and low and found really no help to study for this. I have been reading the ATI book also listening to a lady on Youtube Helluava nurse. Looking for maybe an app to do questions pertaining to fundamentals. It looks like in the past students have used RN Mentor but I’m not sure if it’s not available anymore when I try to download it says not available in my region. Any suggestions would be great thanks a million

Hi afs1928,

When I studied for my ATI RN Fundamentals exam I used a combination of the ATI book, my fundamentals text (there was a really helpful online question bank with customizable quizzes), the RN Mentor app by ATI, and the fundamentals questions from the Saunders NCLEX RN prep. The Saunders book also gives really great tips and strategies for tackling these types of exams.

Does your program require you to take the practice quizzes? If not, I definitely recommend taking them! A couple weeks before the proctored exam, I took the practice test A and used it to determine which areas I needed to focus most on. I went over the corresponding lessons in the ATI book and my fundamentals text to clarify any specific concepts I was unclear on, and then I just did practice questions every day. A few days prior to the proctored exam, I took the B test for comparison, and again focused on any areas I was unhappy with; I ended up achieving a level 3!

I really liked using the RN mentor and Saunders NCLEX RN prep apps because I could find more time throughout the day to squeeze in questions. If you have the Saunders NCLEX RN prep book, rather than the app, there should be a code giving you access to the online question bank. While online question banks aren't as helpful as apps, in my opinion (due to inaccessibility throughout the day), I find them to be much more helpful than paper books. Also, I just found out today that the ATI books also have an online component, so you might also find that helpful!

Good luck!

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