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Emergency and Critical Care
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CCRN_ has 3 years experience and specializes in Emergency and Critical Care.

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  1. CCRN_

    ASN VS ADN??? A. A. S.?

    You should be able to get into a program that will give you a BSN after finishing nursing school. It’s called something like “second degree BSN”..... I have seen many schools offer it. You come in with an unrelated BS degree and end up with a BSN. Hope that helps.
  2. CCRN_

    FNP or Acute Care??

    I am going to be applying for an NP program in the near future. I need some assistance on which type of program to apply for. FNP OR Acute Care? I would like to work in the ER and/or ICU. I have not decided which specialty that I want to go with. The question is, which type of program is best to ensure a good fit to either specialty? I just don’t want to be limited.

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