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  1. UPDATE: I am posting this for anyone in the future who may be in the situation I was in . PLEASE READ as this will greatly benefit you. The first thing I did when I received the letter was freak out and immediately become upset. Do not do this, your ...
  2. I over-nighted my statement and court documents on Monday and they received it Tuesday. Got my license Wednesday! You are right, it seems like they did not get too wrapped up over it. Thank you for your response!
  3. 1. There is no more to this. In Illinois you will get arrested, look it up. 2. I forgot. This is not something I think about, I was 19 and speeding got a lawyer and it was over. end of. 3. You are making assumptions because you want it to fit yo...
  4. Hey! In Illinois, driving over 30 MPH is a misdemeanor. Look it up! I was not aware that this was not a law everywhere. I have no shame in admitting anything on this blog. I found someone who went through the same thing and I have figured it all out...
  5. Thank you! I told my manager and came in contact with someone who went through the same thing! It will be okay, they just want the court documents.
  6. I just got a letter in the mail saying I'm prohibited to practice until I Fix the deficiencies on my application. I was 18 and got arrested 5 years ago for driving 30 MPH over the limit. I got a lawyer and the case was dropped to something else and ...
  7. What would you do?

    I am a new grad but I suggest you wait until you retired. Also shadow a nurse for a day. There are so many other ways to give back. You have a plan in mind and starting nursing now can steer you in a different way that may hinder your goal/plan.
  8. So basically I am a new grad and I've accepted the first position offered to me at the hospital I want to work at. I needed a job immediately and I really want to work at this hospital. The only new grad position they had was ortho so I took it. I am...