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  1. 1. There is no more to this. In Illinois you will get arrested, look it up. 2. I forgot. This is not something I think about, I was 19 and speeding got a lawyer and it was over. end of. 3. You are making assumptions because you want it to fit your narrative, I have no shame in admitting anything on here. I am not scared at all or worried of anyone’s opinion.
  2. Hey! In Illinois, driving over 30 MPH is a misdemeanor. Look it up! I was not aware that this was not a law everywhere. I have no shame in admitting anything on this blog. I found someone who went through the same thing and I have figured it all out. thanks for your advice.
  3. Thank you! I told my manager and came in contact with someone who went through the same thing! It will be okay, they just want the court documents.
  4. I just got a letter in the mail saying I'm prohibited to practice until I Fix the deficiencies on my application. I was 18 and got arrested 5 years ago for driving 30 MPH over the limit. I got a lawyer and the case was dropped to something else and dismissed. I paid a fee and went on with my life. Completely forgot about that, I did not even think I was considered a criminal for it. I do not even remember answering questions like " Have you ever been arrested or convicted?" for the BON. I have to submit court documents and my own personal statement desciribing the circumstances of my case. I dont knoww what to do??? Should I Get a lawyer???? The worst part is I am on the second week of my job. I have only 3 days off and I am going to email my manager I can no longer practice. What/how should I say it? I am so sad I really love it there and I am scared I am going to get let go. DO you think 3 days is enough if I drive up to the licensing place and get my license? I literally have no idea what to do and I am so sad and heartbroken. I've worked blood sweat and tears for this license. My family depends on me for this financially. It's just terrible, please help in any way you can.

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