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Adult Gerontology nurse practitioner
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Kosalskyj has 7 years experience and specializes in Adult Gerontology nurse practitioner.

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  1. Kosalskyj

    HELP! New NP in MI - DEA, NPI...

    Hey there! I'm a new NP in Michigan. Hope all is well with you. I had my own question regarding obtaining DEA lic. The website mentions needing a collaborative prescriptive agreement first before applying however most places are asking me for a DEA before I even interview. Do you go ahead and get your DEA and then add the collaboration by submitting it to them once you get a job?
  2. Kosalskyj

    Applying for DEA/prescription agreement

    I am applying for my DEA as an adult geriatric nurse practitioner. I cannot find the answer anywhere- when applying for your DEA do you have to have a collaborative prescriptive agreement in order to get the DEA #? when I go through the application process it does not look like it allows me to supply anyting. however in the directions it says that it is necessary. Do I go ahead and get it anyway? most jobs will not hire you unless you already have a DEA. So I'm confused as to, do I get the prescriptive agreement first before getting the DEA, or vice versa

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