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  1. Savannah

    A&P and Chemistry

    Hello, I am currently a MA student who is getting the prerequisites and general education classes for nursing out of the way. Would it be too hard to take A&P and Chemistry at the same time? I plan to take them at the same time next semester and then my MA extern and A&P 2 this Spring with another MA class and Microbiology next Summer. Does this sound plausible?
  2. Savannah

    Medical Assistant to RN

    Hello I've always wanted to become a nurse. I tried to get into the program at a local community college but I didn't make the cut as I didn't do well with the prerequisites. I've been studying medical assisting, well I've found a college near me that accepts credits from the CC and don't turn away qualified students from the nursing program. So I've decided to transfer there when I finish the medical assisting program. Was anyone made "the change" to RN from MA? The program will probably be part-time and I'll possibly work part-time as an MA.
  3. Savannah

    Online Anatomy & Physiology?? (accredited!)

    In my school, you can take it online and do dissections at home and submit pictures online. Also the midterm and final are proctored.

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