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  1. We should hear back in February about whether we get an interview (for early March) official decisions sent out late March/early April.
  2. Hi there! I saw that there wasn't a thread yet for Chico's BSN program for this year's round of applications for the Fall 2021 cohort. Hoping to get a feel for this year's applicant pool. I wanted to make a thread where we could discuss t...
  3. Great to hear! How exciting 🙂
  4. LJ15

    Emory 2021 BSN transfer

    Unfortunately, as a phlebotomist there aren't many CSUs that are taking those hours for points--SJSU just took off their healthcare experience points and SDSU only approves hours for a select few licensed healthcare workers. I believe SFSU might awar...
  5. LJ15

    Emory 2021 BSN transfer

    Hi there! Thanks for sharing your stats, I was curious if you had any healthcare experience when you applied. I'll be applying with a 4.0 and a few hundered hours of healthcare experience as a phlebotomist. Do you know how many transfer students they...
  6. LJ15

    SDSU FALL 2021 BSN

    It's available on the School of Nursing website! They also have an interactive point evaluation calculator I believe
  7. LJ15

    OHSU BSN, Fall 2021

    Hi there! I am also a Californian (Bay Area!) applying to OHSU's program, although I haven't decided on a campus yet. I'm hoping to gain more clarity after attending the info session (again). I haven't looked at the essay questions quite yet--but tha...
  8. Thanks so much for the advice! I was curious to know you felt the program was in regard to the development of practical skills (catheter insertion, IV placement, dressing central lines, wound dressing) I've heard previously that skills like that aren...
  9. LJ15

    CSULB Nursing Fall 2021

    Thanks so much!! Is there somewhere on the website that you found that? I couldn't find a page that listed their points system. I'm assuming that is the extent of their evaluation? No consideration for other things like other CSUs e.g. healthcare wor...
  10. LJ15

    CSULB Nursing Fall 2021

    Thanks for starting a thread! Super curious to see how this year's applications go. I feel silly asking but does CSULB use a points system similar to the other CSUs? Maybe I'm looking in the wrong place but I'm not seeing that they list anything othe...
  11. @brendamatadiaz Hi! Thanks for offering your help 🙂 I was curious to know how you felt they valued volunteer experience. Since SU is Jesuit I'm concerned about not having any on my application. I do have paid healthcare experience but unfo...
  12. LJ15

    SDSU FALL 2021 BSN

    Hi! Thanks for making this discussion board. I haven't taken my TEAS yet, but I have the same GPA stats. I have work experience as well but was disappointed to see that my certification (CPT1) was not listed as eligible for the 5 pts, bummer. Do you ...
  13. That's awesome! I considered CNA but unfortunately there wasn't a program nearby. It sounds like a great window into nursing. I'm starting work as a phlebotomist this month and I'm so excited to be working in a healthcare setting! I honestly can't be...
  14. Hi everyone, it might be a little early but I wanted to start a forum for SU's 2021 BSN applicants! I'm applying as a transfer student from a community college in California. I'm curious about everyone else's experience as a pre-nursing student and t...
  15. LJ15

    BSN Programs

    In order to compare what programs are "better" than others, you should get as much information regarding post-graduation employment rate, NCLEX pass rate (pass rates from all programs that prepare their students for the NCLEX are available to the pub...