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  1. Futurenurse836

    COVID - Cancelled clinicals

    They didn’t mention about having us wear masks in clinical. I think they’ll provide surgical masks I assume but not n95. And also, they said we won’t be with known covid-19 patients so I think they will not require PPE. It makes me nervous still....
  2. Hello! I am in an absn program and they say they want us in clinical in June. They’re trying to get us in to train. We have been online since March. I feel conflicted. I want to be a nurse but I have mixed feelings about the current situation involving covid-19. I've heard of things not being very safe for healthcare workers so I am concerned about the clinical setting. I also live with someone who has a current health condition so would be at more risk. if I do take a leave of absence it would be for a year, and during the time off I would do a masters in public health online. Maybe in a year there will be more safety precautions or more PPE available. thank you for any advice! I just keep seeing conflicting messages online and in the news.
  3. Futurenurse836

    I feel so alone

    I feel like everyone made their friends and I don’t fit in. I don’t know why. Maybe I’m awkward? I didn’t think I am but it seems like everyone made their cliques and fast. I moved from another state and just started the program. I just don’t know why I’m having a hard time with this. I feel so sad about it. I just know that nursing school will require team efforts down the line and I feel like I’m not a part of the group. Can anyone relate?

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