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  1. Anastasiaax

    Low Science GPA

    Hi @Defibn', Thank you so much for all your help! Good luck with everything and see you around!
  2. Anastasiaax

    Low Science GPA

    Hi @Defibn', Thank you for your advice, as well! I've gotten A's on all my science prerequisites and I only need to take Microbiology this Fall. However, I've received mostly C's on my upper-division Biochemistry courses. I'm planning on retaking these courses after obtaining my BSN or maybe this Fall and next Spring.
  3. Anastasiaax

    Low Science GPA

    Hi @Jkloo, Thank you for giving me a very insightful response and for giving me hope. I will make sure to do all of these before I apply to DNAP programs! I wish you all the best and luck in the world!
  4. Anastasiaax

    Low Science GPA

    Hi @Jkloo, Thank you so much for your advice! I had been stressing out and feeling lost as I was trying to figure out how to navigate this whole thing and get into a DNAP program. So I thank you for laying out pretty much everything for me to become a competitive candidate. Also, do you mind elaborating more about joining committees/organizations, teaching "something", and how to become a charge nurse? Thank you so much for your time and response. I appreciate it!
  5. Anastasiaax

    Advice how to get into a DNAP program in CA with low GPA

    Thank you for your response! I took Anatomy last semester and got an A on it. Now, I'm taking Physiology and so far I have an A in the class. I'm doing my very best to get As to show schools that I can also succeed in their rigorous curriculum. Thank you for your response as well. I really appreciate you guys taking the time to respond. I will email schools and do my very best to get As. Thank you!
  6. Hello everyone, I am Anne, a recent graduate at UC Davis with a degree in Biochemistry. Currently, I am taking nursing prerequisites and planning on applying to a BSN program in the Fall here in the Bay Area. Anyone here had an uncompetitive undergraduate GPA and got into a DNAP program in California? I am interested in becoming a CRNA; however, my current cumulative undergraduate GPA at UC Davis is 3.088. This is discouraging me a little bit from pursuing CRNA because I know that there are a lot of applicants with an outstanding GPA. But if I maintain to get "A" grades throughout my BSN academic career, then I might have a chance. I know that Nation University, Fresno and CSU Fullerton calculate the last 60 semester/90 quarter units GPA but require to earn all "A" grades in science courses. I am not sure if those science courses take into account everything or just the BSN science courses. I'm also interested in USC's DNAP program. Any advice and/or response is highly appreciated. Thank you so much!

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