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Lll123gh has 13 years experience and specializes in IMCU.

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  1. Lll123gh

    Nurse (Clinical) GS 11 Night Pay

    Thank you for your quick response. Job posting doesn't mention Pay differential, hope this is true . Since this is a GS salary based, I thought they wouldn't pay any differential.
  2. Lll123gh

    Nurse (Clinical) GS 11 Night Pay

    I have applied for a job at GS 11 level for Defense Health Agency. It requires rotational shift which means working night shift as well. Does anyone know if that pays night and weekend differential? thank you all
  3. Lll123gh

    RN job performance record access: VIA a SUBPONA

    This is very helpful. Thank you guys. My performance evaluation was more of a 1-1 with supervisor, areas I am doing well, or areas I need to improve on etc. However, I never received an actual hard copy of the evaluation. Now I am getting a new opportunity where HR asking me to submit several documents including performance evaluation records which I don't have it. Hope this doesn't stop me from the opportunity
  4. Hi Guys, I desperately need my job performance evaluation record from my previous employer. But when I contacted their HR, this is the response I received. Can anyone help me understand this? How can I have my record? Thank you all We are not authorized to provide prior team members records from their previous personnel files as this is proprietary information. These documents can only be accessed via a subpoena.
  5. Lll123gh

    VA HIRING Process 2020

    Is this something can be written by co-workers or supervisors?
  6. Lll123gh

    VA HIRING Process 2020

    Hi Guys, My application at VA hospital was recently processed for consideration. They are asking me to submit reference letters from my previous employers. Has anyone heard of this? I have provided them references as my previous employer supervisor's email and phone number etc. But they need actual reference letters. Anyone has any experience on this? Thank you all

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