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DoraemonKitty has 15 years experience and specializes in Correctional/Psych/Med/Clinic/Gastro/Obgyn.

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  1. Hi... finally I will start work at the county jail (but still have to attend orientation and bla bla bla)... I’m an LVN so I will be Sheriff, nursing Assistant. I’m so excited but also nervous. Anybody can give me some input for me? Btw which shift is better? Because I told them that I open for any shift. Thanks
  2. DoraemonKitty

    Offered Job-Finger Print-Now what?

    Hi All, I got interview last week and I got an offer at one of the location of LA County Sheriff Dept. I accepted the offered and I filled out the paper work,etc etc... did finger print. My question is... how long should I wait? What is comes next? Is it true that they will check the credit report? Is it true that they will do the polygraph? Is it true that since I am citizen by naturalization, they will check my immigration status when, where, and how I come to USA? I am sorry it such a long and lots questions. Btw I'm not apply to federal prison, just regular county jail. Thank you.

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