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Will start working...exciting but nervous..Help!!

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by DoraemonKitty DoraemonKitty (New) New Nurse

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finally I will start work at the county jail (but still have to attend orientation and bla bla bla)... I’m an LVN so I will be Sheriff, nursing Assistant. I’m so excited but also nervous.
Anybody can give me some input for me?
Btw which shift is better? Because I told them that I open for any shift. Thanks

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ocean.baby has 25 years experience and specializes in corrections and LTC.

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Each person has their own preference for shifts. I do not like days as they are more hectic and I hate the telephones. However, when I was younger I did not mind days. I am not a morning person so prefer evenings/nights. The bad thing about nights is you do not have as many staff available to help you or guide you when needed.

Treat everyone equally, do not do ANY favors - no you can't give them a pencil, you can't mail their letter for them, you can't give someone a message, etc.

Watch and learn, treat security like you want to be treated, they are your biggest asset and believe me, they can save your bacon!

Good luck and have fun, corrections is a great field!

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and, after reading the above post, don't unnecessarily piss off custody, keep the communication going with higher up custody especially during more serious situations with inmates...I've seen nurses develop a negative relationship with custody and then eventually make a minor mistake or make a decision that's maybe not the best, then get written up. Corrections bureaucracy can be punitive, and nurses can get caught up in that. although, working for the government, your job is pretty secure. 

I like day shift because doctors and supervisors are all right there if you need help. 

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